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Begins with Pixie Dust

All information that you need to know will be in this board. You'll find the rules, the plot as well as the list of movies we accept on this forum and other important things.
Once you've chosen a character to role play, come here and place your application in this board. A staff will take a look once they're done, and once accepted it will be moved into the proper category.


Looking for other people to plan out a role play with, or you've made a open and want someone to join in. Post a thread here and do a shout out to anyone who may want to plot a thread with you, or has ideas of where to go with a open you've made.
Need to take a break from role playing for awhile, what better way to relax then starting some games for everyone to play. Please keep them appropriate and within the proboards tos.
Feeling nice and want to offer some graphics to your fellow members. Post a shop here and start your business. It's up to you if you want to offer graphics, such as posting templates. Icons, signatures...etc.
This board is where you can post and keep track of all threads you are currently in, or threads you have finished.

Sands of Time

Need a place to talk out of character about things. Or if you just joined, come introduce yourself. This is also a place you can post hiatus, or say goodbye if you decide to leave us.
First time posting your advertisement, do so here. Guest Friendly. You can also post your ad more than once, but only once a month.
Did I post on your forum first? Then here is where you link back. Again guest friendly.
If you want to affiliate with Moon Drop, please post all affiliate requests in this board. Banners must be 88x31 so they don't stretch the page.


These homes have been here a long time, but they have everything one would need to live a comfortable life. Fresh water nearby, rivers to fish. Fruit that grows in the trees, as well as vegetation that can be harvested for consumption or medicines. You'll also find wild game around as well if you favor meat. The homes have beds, lanterns, everything you need. To get to the ground, you can use rope bridges to travel from home to home and to climb down.
Jungles. Oh jungles, am I right? They're huge. Hot and you never know what is lurking just underneath the next brush or hiding up in the canopy. It's easy to get lost in the jungle unless you were born in one. But this is not like your jungle, there are dangers around every corner. So keep your wits about you. You just might come face to face with your worst nightmare.
If you're lucking enough to stumble upon it. There is a hidden grotto within the jungle, its waters are crystal clear and when the sun is at its peak the water appears as if it's sparkling like a million diamonds. A beautiful sight to behold, and it's also a great place to go swimming.
It's unknown what this fortress was used for, the building is crumbling and shows signs of being weathered. Growth on the walls, a rickety bridge which leads under a archway with a picket gate above. Inside a huge courtyard, stairs leading into different parts of the fortress. The outpost, the armory, kitchen, cells, and rooms with beds as well as other areas. It could be used as a stronghold, and has good defense if used properly.
This desolate city has no people living in it. It's a bit of a fixer upper as it is showing signs of plant growth taking some of the buildings back. But don't let that get you down, this city has shops, restaurants, and anything else you would find in a city. All it needs is a population of people to get things started. It has everything you need to enjoy a nice life.
Or if you want to call it the shoreline, that's fine as well. White sand as far as the eye can see, a beautiful blue ocean and waves licking at the shore. It's the perfect place to look for shells, or other treasures. And a great place to swim on a nice hot day.

The Outlands

Did you just think there was just the jungle, oh no. There is a desert too, and it is way hotter than the jungle. Just watch out for quick sand and if you can find high rock formations, use them for shade. Sand, it's everywhere. Get used to it.
The snowy mountains are just that, snowy and cold. So bundle up tightly and make sure you're prepared before you trek this dangerous frozen mountain. The snow gets pretty deep up here in some areas, as well as the ice can get thin on some frozen parts. So watch your step, and if you get caught in a random blizzard seek shelter.
The barren lands is where nothing grows. It's been scorched by the heat from the small little volcano's that erupt from time to time. The land is black, the smell of smoke lingers in the air and makes it hard to breath.
There's a building that is hidden among the trees, just the top of it can be seen if you are high enough. Dark things lurk in this building, evil things. So i'd be cautious when you approach. This building is huge up close, and has three floors. Are you brave enough to explore it?
Aside from the jungle, there is a forest call the dark forest. It's cold, dark of course and the trees are all knarled and twisted. Some of the branches reach out at you like fingers trying to grab you. Step cautiously or you just might find yourself trapped or worse......captured.
Now and again you'll find large fields or grasslands as they are called. They don't stretch very far, but it's wide open and a good place to take a walk or reach areas you need to get to. It's even a good place to make camp if you're the outdoors type. There are rock mounds that can be found sticking out of the ground and make excellent places to scout things out or big enough to camp on.

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